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DE Heads to TwitchCon 2017

Thursday October 12, 2017

The Digital Extremes team will travel from far and wide this October to stream, play, and mingle at the third annual TwitchCon 2017, in Long Beach, California, to showcase an inviting trio of games. Trio of games? What else besides Warframe are we talking about?

Headlined by DE’s smash-hit, community-favorite Warframe, Digital Extremes’ booth #415 (close to the Twitch Prime LAN area) will feature streaming and gameplay stations and a VIP lounge hosted by our Community team for fans new and old to play our big new update, Plains of Eidolon, and hang out with the team.

Currently in Closed Beta, the newly updated version of The Amazing Eternals, the retro-pulp hero shooter with deck-building features, will give players a fast-blast of FPS action combined with a touch of heady deck strategy for a fresh feel of its own. And finally, the niche-y, beautifully pixelly, totally loveable Survived By, a (take a deep breath) MMO Bullet-Hell with Permadeath PC game, is sure to pull on your 8-bit heartstrings while creating new friends along the way.

Why wouldn’t you come?

Exciting things that Digital Extremes will be doing include:

· At our big booth #415, demo stations with playable versions of Warframe (Plains of Eidolon), The Amazing Eternals, and Survived By will be available. Come join us!

- Warframe partners will hold a series of engaging “Live from TwitchCon” streams on the Warframe channel (schedule available soon) to show off their Plains of Eidolon skills and fashion-frame stylings

- Digital Extremes will offer gifts for streamers and partners for fun and merrymaking

- Members of the Community team will be in attendance to meet, chill, and hang out with streamers and attendees

· Digital Extremes will lead two Twitch panels at this year’s event:

- Our very own Senior Community Coordinator Megan Everett will be featured in the TwithCon Panel, “How Streamers and Game Devs Can Work Together” held at 3 pm, Friday, October 20, at the FrankerZ Theater.

- Digital Extremes’ Community team will lead a panel entitled, “Warframe: is all content Stream Worthy?” to discuss how the team created its Twitch shows, its history on the medium, and how the Warframe Streamer Partner program started.

Come join us at the third annual TwitchCon and learn why more than 30 million people have downloaded and are playing the most community centric cooperative online action game on the planet.

For more details on Warframe, visit us, and for more info on TwitchCon 2017, head on over and see what all the fuss is about!